Your Shout - The History of Australian Beer

Your Shout - The History of Australian Beer

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More than any other ritual in the past 200 years, two people sharing a beer has defined the Australian character. It has brought us together in pubs and at sporting events, lubricating our friendships, quenching our thirst and rewarding our labour at days end. YOUR SHOUT is the definitive history of beer in Australia, an untold story that both delights and surprises.

This two-part series traces the development of Australia's most familiar beer brands, including Fosters, XXXX, Coopers, VB, West End and Swan and examines how regional variations in beers developed around the nation. YOUR SHOUT also tells some of Australia's most colourful stories and yarns about the men and women who have served beer in Australia's public houses in both the cities and in the outback, and takes a look at some of our best known beer drinking rituals, including the age old tradition of the "shout".

Featuring interviews with historians as well as footage from some of this country's best known beer advertising campaigns, from early pub art through to the more recent high end television commercials. YOUR SHOUT is the definitive look at our beloved amber nectar.